About us

logo2The Strategic Research Association (STRATIS) is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It does not serve or represent any particular ideological, political, ethnic or sectarian agenda.

STRATIS recognizes the centrality of the principles of freedom, civility, and conscience in the presentation of ideas and opinions in all forms of communication and in all programmatic activities.

STRATIS fosters research, dialogue and the creation of an intellectual community in order to provide and promote better understanding of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the world today.

STRATIS also aims to increase knowledge, promote dialogue and build bridges of mutual understanding and cooperation between people of different cultures, civilizations, and religions.

STRATIS endeavours to provide timely, reliable, high-quality research and distinctive perspectives on the international political and strategic trends and fresh policy options. In pursuing that objective, STRATIS is committed to providing accurate, unbiased and expert information and in-depth analyses on the relevant issues and developments at both regional and global levels.

An essential element of STRATIS’s identity is its commitment to political neutrality. It does not take institutional positions, does not engage in lobbying, and is not involved in ideological advocacy. The single criterion for the work done is its quality.

Our ambition is to be the premier think tank in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans when it comes to international affairs and particularly the issues that affect Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, in the interests of greater social cultural and civilizational cohesion, security and prosperity.

STRATIS aspires to develop intellectual collaboration and cooperation with other related national and international centers, institutions and organizations.

A unique position and the strategic location of Sarajevo in relation to Turkey, the Middle East and the EU, supports our ability to interpret and influence the debate concerning our own region.

Our role is to generate and disseminate such knowledge and insights to policymakers, the business community, academia, and civil society. Rather than influencing policy decisions, STRATIS is focused on ensuring that these decisions are based on sound data and a thoughtful consideration of differing points of view. Our work is inspired by the knowledge that successful policy decisions depend on policy makers’ capacity to understand, and respond to an array of global challenges in a rapidly changing international strategic, economic and geo-political environment.

For additional information, as well as a variety of questions, you can contact us via email: [email protected], or using the contact form.