logo2STRATIS provides a platform where a wide range of opinions can be presented and challenged, ensuring that a balanced and sophisticated understanding of the issues is available to the public. Moreover, it provides a venue for new and established voices to deliver reflective analysis on these issues.

STRATIS focuses on the following key areas of research and study:

  • politics and security;
  • economics and business;
  • culture and society.

STRATIS also works on projects, studies and analyses based on specific demands from a known party.

Through its activities, STRATIS brings the inestimable benefit of multiple viewpoints to bilateral, regional, and global issues. Our local experts produce unrivaled work on critical national, regional, and global issues, collaborating closely with colleagues across the world.

Initiatives and programs

  • The Middle East-Balkans Initiative (MEBI) is an initiative undertaken and designed to serve two broad objectives:
  1. To promote awareness and understanding of the multidimensional relations between the Middle East and the Balkans by providing information and analysis on cross-regional economic, political, security, and social/cultural interactions and their implications;
  2. To foster collaborative research and other activities regarding Middle East-Balkans relations through establishing an online community of experts and forging institutional partnerships.


  • The Eminent Persons Program (EPP). The key objective of this initiative is to bring distinguished personalities from all over the world to Sarajevo to advance the causes of peace, security and prosperity through the promotion of mutual understanding, dialogue and cooperation.


STRATIS intends to organize various events, including debates and discussions on the Balkans, Middle East and wider international issues. We will host national and international experts, leaders and policy advisers in politics, business, the media, other research institutions and the public to discuss ideas in an informal and stimulating environment.