Jusić: Our actions should not benefit terrorists

6 Juli 2015
Comments Komentari isključeni za Jusić: Our actions should not benefit terrorists
6 Jula 2015, Comments Komentari isključeni za Jusić: Our actions should not benefit terrorists
The threat of violent extremism and terrorism has become a global reality and no threat of use of force to achieve political or any other goal should be ignored. But we must also think about the politicization of the “war against terrorism”, the manipulation of it, and errors in the methods used to counter terrorism, says Muhamed Jusic, Islamic theologian and analyst, commenting on the developments in the Middle East.
“One of the most common mistakes in this war is generalization, or presentation of terrorism as something Islamic, supported by all Muslims in the world. I’m not sure whether those who in our public do not distinguish between small groups of radicals and all Muslims in the Balkans, Europe and in the world, fall into this trap deliberately or not, or whether they are trying to deepen the conflict between, conditionally speaking, all Muslims and the West, rather than use joint efforts to condemn a small group of fanatics and radicals. They do not see, or will not see, that these groups are killing Muslims alongside non-Muslims, and that in fact, most of their victims around the world are precisely Muslims. Those who choose to believe these things, consciously or not, are making favors to terrorists and violent extremists whose goal is to present themselves as representatives of Islam and Muslims”, Jusic said in an interview for Pobjeda daily.According to him, the best response to the mad videos these extremists post is to achieve more freedom, more inter-religious and inter-ethnic cooperation and more work for a better common future of all nations in the Balkans.

“Spreading fear, politicizing terrorist threats, denying Muslim nations and communities in the Balkans their legitimate political demands and problems because of their alleged links with global terrorism, will only strengthen the terrorists and help them achieve their goal. They want to see the world in chaos. They want to prove that Muslims are threatened by others everywhere in the world, including the Balkans, and that only they can protect them, by using force. By inhibiting Islamophobia and the antis-Islamic sentiment, we are depriving terrorists of their primary weapon to mobilize new followers. Broadcasting of footage whose main actors died in the Syrian war a few months ago could not have occurred by chance in the days when Pope Francis was scheduled to visit Sarajevo. This is the best proof of what I just said, revealing the goal of the video’s producers: to send a different message to the region than the one Sarajevo and the Pope sent that day”, says Jusic.

The Balkans is a vulnerable area; close to the memory of the suffering and chaos of the nineties in which extremists of all nations “fed each other.” However, Jusic said the rightists around Europe and in the world are seeking justification for their xenophobic and no less violent attitude towards all Muslims in the actions of a small group of extremists.

“Such an approach should not be repeated, especially here in the former Yugoslavia, where we have long experience of multiculturalism and coexistence of different religious and ethnic groups. Especially now that we know where sowing fear and prejudice against “the others” took us in the nineties. I believe the horrific crimes of the period, which culminated with the genocide in Srebrenica, must be a lesson for the future, that this region never again plays with hate and fear”, said Jusic.

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Muhamed Jusic

About Muhamed Jusic

Muhamed Jusić is Bosnian analyst on Islam, Balkan and Middle East, Columnist for Al-Jazeera Balkans, associate in Center for Advanced Studies in Sarajevo, Coordinator in network of researchers on Islam in SEE (ISEEF- Islam in South East Europe Forum), member of Complaints Commission of the Press Council in B&H- Member of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe – AIPCE. He has a degree in Islamic Theology from the Department of Apologetics of the Islamic University in Medina, Saudi Arabia. He is a columnist for the Islamic newsletter Preporod, and correspondent on foreigner affairs for Sarajevo based magazine Start. He publishes articles in the newsletters of the Islamic Community Riyasat “Takvim” and “Novi muallim” and “ Democracy and Security in Southeastern Europe” published by Atlantic Initiative ,as well as in other magazines in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region (such as Dnevni Avaz, Oslobođenje- Sarajevo, Danas- Belgrade, H-alter- Zagreb) He has translated and published a series of short works and books.